Video: pensioner stops nuclear weapon convoy in Stirling

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A video of a 77-year-old retired teacher stopping a nuclear weopons convoy has emerged online.

The nuclear weaopns were passing through Stirling at around 5pm on Thursday when two activists staged their protest.

Picture: submitted

Picture: submitted

The pensioner, believed to be a former teacher, and his younger colleague held up the huge convoy, thought to be carrying nuclear warheads by blocking the road.

The younger man leaps out in front of one of the vans with his hands above his head while the OAP “runs” as fast as he is able to before wedging himself in front of the back wheel.

Police on motorbikes rush to drag the first protester to the roundabout but it takes over two minutes and more than six police personnel to remove the other man from under the nuclear van.

The younger man has another attempt to lie down on the road as police move him to the pavement before ten members of the police are required to get them into the back of police vans.

The incident brought rush hour traffic to a standstill as police swarm the area and other road users get out of their cars to see what’s happening.

It is reported that the convoy was held up for over 20 minutes as police apprehended the two protesters.

The five minute clip, posted by Stirling University CND, is filmed at a roundabout in the city and begins with the person behind the camera saying that the footage is being filmed ‘about a mile from the town centre’ over the sound of police sirens.

The police escort and first lorry make it past the protesters but the third vehicle in the convoy is forced to slam on its brakes as the two men dart out in front of it with their hands above their heads.

With the incident causing an ever-increasing tailback of rush-hour traffic, it takes over six officers to eventually remove the man and sit him up on the nearby pavement.

Their actions provided a mixed response on social media.

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