Video: Motorcyclist caught travelling 110mph through roadworks

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POLICE have released video footage of a motorcyclist travelling at more than 100mph through roadworks near Aberdeen, describing it as “one of the worst incidents of dangerous driving” officers have ever seen.

John Cumming, 43, was banned from driving for 18 months and fined £1,000 on Wednesday following the incident on the A96 between Blackburn and Aberdeen in September last year, Police Scotland said.

Motorcyclist John Cumming was banned for 18 months. Picture: PA

Motorcyclist John Cumming was banned for 18 months. Picture: PA

Officers were patrolling the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route roadworks in an unmarked car when it was undertaken by the motorbike.

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Speed limits of 40mph and 50mph were in place on the road but Mr Cumming was recorded at speeds up to 110mph.

The dashcam footage - which has been shared on Police Scotland Facebook pages - shows the biker undercutting cars and squeezing through gaps between vehicles, narrowly avoiding a crash when cars try to change lanes.

Despite the pursuit, Mr Cumming failed to stop but the 43-year-old was later traced to his home address.

Sergeant Steve Manson said: “This is one of the worst incidents of dangerous driving I have seen, not only did the rider put himself at risk but also other road users as well as the nearby road workers.

“The officers attended at Mr Cumming’s house just after the incident and spoke with his wife. Given the type of riding displayed, they could easily have been there to pass a death message.”

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Malcolm Findlay, general manager of Aberdeen Roads Limited, hopes the footage and the sentence will act as a deterrent for other road users.

He said: “Our priority is to create a safe environment for our workers and sub-contractors and road users. However, their safety is also dependent upon the responsible driving of all road users.

“Road users should be aware that although construction work may not always be visible to drivers, it may be taking place adjacent to or under the road.

“The traffic restrictions are invaluable in ensuring our workers - someone’s son, father, daughter or mother - are able to go home safe after they finish work.”

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