VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio’s visit to Edinburgh

  • Oscar winner arrived on Queensferry Street just before midday
  • DiCaprio will be making a keynote speech at the Scottish Business Awards later
  • Edinburgh woman will be joining Leo for lunch after winning competition! DiCaprio following a similar schedule to George Clooney who visited last year
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Crowds gathered outside an Edinburgh restaurant to greet Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio as he arrived in the Capital.

Fans braced the elements to get a glimpse of the Oscar winner and activist as he arrived outside of west end restaurant Home.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Edinburgh

Leonardo DiCaprio in Edinburgh

Home is a new establishment set up by Mr Littlejohn and Dean Gassabi, who owns the Maison Bleue restaurants.

It was set up to provide training and employment for members of the Social Bite Academy, a four-year paid course for homeless people.

Customers are also encouraged to ‘’pay forward’’ meals for the homeless, who can attend a special meal service for those sleeping rough every Monday afternoon.

Social Bite has cafes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen which operate the same “pay forward” scheme and employ a number of people who have previously been homeless.

Leonardo DiCaprio has arrived in Edinburgh.

Leonardo DiCaprio has arrived in Edinburgh.


DiCaprio is set to enjoy lunch with one lucky competition winner as well as giving the keynote speech at the Scottish Business Awards at the EICC.

An Edinburgh woman will be joining Hollywood A-Lister Leonardo DiCaprio tomorrow for a VIP lunch after winning a competition to dine with the star.

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The Oscar winner arrived just after 11:30.

The Oscar winner arrived just after 11:30.

Elise Lovell, 45, entered the prize draw last month and will be dining with the actor at Edinburgh’s Home Restaurant on Queensferry Street this afternoon.

To enter the competition, all entrants were required to do was donate £5 to feed one homeless person at the restaurant.

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Elise’s prize also includes a night in the prestigious George Hotel and a city shopping experience.

Home is a partnership with Social Bite and Edinburgh Restaurant group Maison Bleue.

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The visit sees the Wolf Of Wall Street actor follow in the footsteps of fellow movie star George Clooney, who met staff at a Social Bite sandwich shop in Edinburgh last year before making the keynote speech at the awards ceremony.

Clooney’s visit to the Edinburgh Rose Street branch made worldwide headlines, while the Duchess of Cornwall has also popped in on a royal trip to support Social Bite’s work.

Mr Littlejohn also set up the Scottish Business Awards, with other high-profile speakers including Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson.

Awards chairman Sir Tom Hunter said: “Leonardo is not only a famous actor, he is a pioneering environmentalist and committed philanthropist whose charitable work is making a global impact.

“To have him address our nation’s premier businesses and entrepreneurs is incredibly exciting.”

Biffy Mackay, a trainee chef with Social Bite, helped prepare the meal for the movie star.

She said it was the “most nerve-racking thing” she has ever done, but was delighted to get a signed note from the star reading “To Biffy, all the best” after meeting him inside the restaurant.

She added: “He was so nice, so down to earth.

“I told him I’ve loved him since I was nine and that I did a project about him at school, he said ‘that’s so cool’.”

Asked about her role in cooking the lunch, Ms Mackay said: “I steamed his cous cous. He’s having lamb tagine.”

The 28-year-old added: “I’ve been given an amazing opportunity by Social Bite and I’m loving it.

“Social Bite’s changed my life because it gives me something to look forward to every day.

“Previously I had some hard times with being homeless and a few issues with drugs and alcohol, so it wasn’t a good time.

“But I love my work and I don’t think there’s another place like this.”