Video: inside Scotland’s booming berry industry

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Scotland’s berry industry has had a bumper year thanks to a summer which has seen temperatures soar.

Perthshire’s rolling countryside provides the perfect growing conditions and a picturesque backdrop giving it a strong claim to be Scotland’s berry land.

Picking Raspberries in Perthshire.

Picking Raspberries in Perthshire.

In this video blog we visit Thomas Thomson to witness the processes of a large scale berry producer before moving on to Broadslap Fruit Farm near Dunning where you can pick your own fruit.

We also meet fruit wine brewers, Cairn O’Mohr, to see how they use local berries to create wine flavours and drop in on Stewart Tower Dairy who incorporate local berries into their homemade ice cream which is supplied to some of Scotland’s top hotels.

To learn more about Scotland’s producers and the key foodie offerings at this year’s landmark events visit