Video: Gay cyclist shuts down homophobic preacher in Glasgow

A GAY cyclist was applauded by passers-by when he spoke out against a homophobic street preacher in Glasgow.

The preacher had pitched up on Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre on Saturday afternoon where he ranted loudly about the ‘immorality’ of sexual sins.

In a video posted on Facebook by writer Emlyn Pearce, a passing cyclist can be seen stopping after hearing some of what the man was shouting.

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The cyclist can be heard taking the preacher to task, saying: “I’m gay! I’m gay, so say it to me!”

When advised to repent by the preacher, the man can be heard saying: “I love me, I don’t need a god to do it.”

Shoppers in earshot can be heard applauding the man as he cycles away.

Sharing the video on social media, Pearce wrote: “If anyone knows this chap, please tell him to get in touch because a fair few people would like to buy him a drink.”

In September last year, a young man was captured on camera drowning out a ranting anti-gay preacher in St Andrews with bagpipes.