Video: Dramatic moment boy, 2, saves twin from being crushed

THIS is the amazing footage - caught on a home surveillance camera - that shows the moment a toddler manages to lift a fallen dresser from on top of his stricken twin brother, saving him from being crushed.

The young boy lifts the furniture to free his brother. Picture: Kaylee Shoff/Youtube

The clip, which was filmed by a camera in the boys’ bedroom, begins with one of the brothers, Brock Shoff, trapped under the dresser, while his twin looks on.

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Clearly distressed, he struggles to free himself before his brother Bowdy springs into action.

After struggling to shift the large piece of furniture from the wall end, the two-year-old calmly moves round to the top before using all of his strength to heroically lift it enough for his brother to wriggle free.

Posting on Facebook, Brock and Bowdy’s father Ricky said he was thankful for Bowdy’s heroic actions and urged parents to ensure all their dressers are bolted and secured to the wall, he wrote: “I’ve been a little hesitant to post this. But I feel it’s not only to bring awareness, but it is also incredible. We are so grateful for the bond that these twin brothers share.”