Video: cat saves boy from dog attack

Remarkable footage has emerged of a pet cat saving a child from a savage attack by a dog.

Picture: HeMedia

The boy was pulled from his bike in a suburban street in Bakersfield, Calfornia by the animal before his pet cat attacks the dog and it scuttles off.

The cat then returns to the child who by this time is being helped by his mother.

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The video, recording by a CCTV camera, was posted by the boy’s mother who wanted to share with friends how remarkable their son’s escape was.

Picture: HeMedia

“Thankfully, it wasn’t worse,” his father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote in posting the video. “My son is fine.”

Bakersfield police said the attacking dog, identified as an 8-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, had been surrendered by its owner’s family after the Tuesday afternoon attack and was in quarantine and would be destroyed.

Police spokesman Sergeant Joseph Grubbs said the dog’s owners, who live in the same neighborhood as the boy, said the

dog did not like children or bicycles.