Video captures mini tornado in Tayside

Picture: SWNS
Picture: SWNS
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A SCOTS riding stable owner has told of her amazement after a mini-tornado sprang up her the car park of her facility.

A video of the phenomenon at the Inchcoonans Equestrian Centre at Errol, near Dundee, was captured by yard assistant Rebecca Cromar and has gone viral after being posted on the centre’s Facebook page, racking up 33,500 views since Saturday.

The 27-second clip shows a 30ft pillar of wind and sand towering above a nearly deserted car park before crashing into a stable block, known as “the pea shed” due to its former use.

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Owner Carol Wivelll said that an hour before the incident her husband had “harrowed” the car park with a tractor --loosening up the sand and that was later whipped up into the air.

She said: “It was really weird because everything was so still. The trees and the grass didn’t move and there was just this twister.

“It hit the pea shed and disappeared, but it seemed to go through the pea shed and come out the other side.”

Carol watched the mini-tornado with Rebecca and livery customer Moira Smith.

She said: “We have seen a lot of peculiar things over the years at the yard but this I think tops the lot. Our own twister -- we thought for a minute we were in Kansas.”

She added it was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy’s farmhouse is picked up by a cyclone and dropped in Munchkinland.

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She said: “We were waiting to see the red shoes underneath the pea shed. It wasn’t frightening. It was amazing to see it and to be able to get it on video. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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