Victim takes own life five years after attack

A TALENTED DJ who suffered horrific internal injuries when a fire extinguisher was set off in his backside during a drunken prank has killed himself.

Kristofor Graham had struggled to come to terms with the assault five years ago that required him to undergo five operations and wear a colostomy bag. He was found dead in his flat in East Kilbride six days ago.

Yesterday, his mother, Isabel, 54, paid tribute to her son who, she said, had lived more in his 27 years than "most people do in a lifetime". But she added that her son had never fully recovered from his horrific attack in September 2004.

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She said: "Even with the serious physical injuries he sustained, Kris tried so hard to battle on and enjoy his life, which most of the time he did."

Mr Graham's life changed dramatically in 2004 when he and Brian Kennedy, with whom he had been staying in an Aberdeen B&B while working as refrigeration shopfitters, returned to their accommodation after an evening's drinking. They had been fooling around with the fire extinguisher which was outside their rooms, but Kristofor had decided to go to sleep.

After climbing into bed, he passed out, at which point Mr Kennedy decided as a prank to insert the nozzle of the fire extinguisher into his friend's anus and fire it.

Astonishingly, Mr Kennedy slept through the ordeal and did not realise the extent of his injuries until the following morning, when he awoke to find that his back passage was bleeding. He was rushed for emergency surgery, and doctors discovered he had suffered severe rectal damage, including two internal tears. As a result, he was fitted with a colostomy bag.

Following a court case at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Mr Kennedy was fined 4,500 and sentenced to the maximum 300 hours' community service.

Speaking after his sentence Mr Kennedy said: "I wish I could turn back the clock."

Mr Graham later said: "This was no joke, believe me. I have suffered a great deal of torment. I don't feel a great deal of anger towards him. But this has caused me tremendous pain."

Yesterday, his mother said: "Kris had a real presence. When he walked into a room you could feel it. I've been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been in touch."

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More than 420 people have joined a tribute page on the Bebo website which was set up by a friend to honour Mr Graham's memory.