Usher Hall: A renovation job that was more than just plastering over cracks

Timeline of events that took place during the process of refurbishment:

April 1996: A chunk of plaster smashes down on empty seats in the auditorium of the Usher Hall hours after a Tony Bennett concert.

July 1996: Ambitious plans for a 24 million revamp of the building are unveiled by the city council.

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May 1997: The refurbishment plans are left in tatters after the Scottish Arts Council rejects a 13m lottery bid.

July 1998: Plans for a scaled back refurbishment are unveiled.

August 2000: An initial 10m refurbishment of the historic venue is finally completed.

May 2002: Plans for a second phase, costing 9m and including a glass extension, are revealed.

October 2006: With no sign of work getting under way, the cost of phase two is pegged at 19m.

February 2010: The glass extension is finally unveiled, but work on the arts quarter is not complete.

October 2010: The new-look venue and the arts quarter are officially unveiled.