Westminster ‘confusion and concern’ on Scottish 6

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WESTMINSTER’S Scottish affairs committee says there is widespread “confusion and concern” about the shape an independent Scotland would take.

In a report published today, the Labour-dominated group argues there are a series of questions which need answering by the SNP government ahead of the referendum.

The MPs identify six areas they say merit scrutiny: banking regulation; pension payments; the currency; membership of international organisations; defence; and the costs of independence.

Committee chair, Glasgow Labour MP Ian Davidson said: “Questions that may seem trivial at first actually show just how this issue permeates through every aspect of life: from the television you watch to how you travel round the world.”

He said the committee would be holding a series of further evidence sessions on the key issues raised by the initial findings.

The report comes after First MinisterAlex Salmond used a speech in Liverpool on Monday evening to argue that people on both sides of the Border would notice little difference from independence, apart from political control moving to Edinburgh.

Mr Davidson said: “Although the Scottish Government wants to establish its independence from the rest of the UK, the wider social union – the ties of family and friendship, which link people across these islands – would continue.

“In particular, Scotland would continue to act as a friend and partner to its neighbouring countries.”