Trafficking victim was ‘raped and beaten’

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A WOMAN was trafficked from India to the UK on the promise of a job, only to be raped, beaten, treated as a servant and told at knifepoint that she would be killed and buried in the garden, a court heard yesterday.

The woman, described by prosecutor Caroline Haughey as “one of the most vulnerable members of society”, suffered years of abuse, Croydon Crown Court heard.

It is claimed she was ignorant of western cultural norms and was targeted because she was uneducated, illiterate and had no clue of what her basic human rights should be.

The victim, from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, had wanted to work to send money for her poverty-stricken family back in India, but was passed around three households in
London and sexually and phy­sically abused, it is claimed.

Five people in the dock at Croydon Crown Court face a range of charges, including trafficking for exploitation, rape, threats to kill and assault.

The prosecution claim that she was not paid and that she was stripped of her passport and identification, so she feared she could be made homeless.

The trial continues.