Tourists fail to make a splash

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MANY British holidaymakers just won’t take the plunge when it comes to holidays.

Around 19 per cent never swim or paddle in the sea, 
either at home or abroad, a survey by travel agent found.

Of those refusing to take a dip, 21 per cent said they were afraid of or did not like the water, while 76 per cent said the opportunity to swim had never presented itself.

A total of 2,207 Britons over the age of 30 were polled.

As many as 13 per cent had never been abroad, and 14 per cent had never travelled by plane. The average number of foreign countries visited was two, with Spain and France the most popular destinations. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: “I was surprised to see the average person over 30 in the UK has only visited two countries abroad.”