So long to zoo's giraffe

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THE last giraffe remaining at Edinburgh Zoo has left the Capital bound for Denmark.

Siger began his trip to Givskud Zoo yesterday to continue his participation in a conservation breeding programme.

The giraffe enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo will now be redeveloped for rhinos, and should be ready before the end of the year. Giraffes will come back only when a new habitat is built some time in the next ten years.

The zoo’s chief executive, David Windmill, said: "This is an exciting and dynamic time for the zoo, and inevitably, over the next few years, our animal collection will see many changes as we work towards our master plan.

"We’ll be sorry to see the giraffes go, but we look forward to the day when they can come back to the new Grasslands biome, as part of our unique and wonderful new zoo."