Scottish independence: Scottish values shaped UK - Gordon Brown

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Former prime minister Gordon Brown says Scotland’s continued place in the UK is key to maintaining social justice.

Before a speech in Kirkcaldy last night, he said Scottish values had helped form the Union.

“I believe that, as Scots, we can and should take pride in our long-term and enduring Scottish commitment to social justice and strong communities,” he said.

“Indeed, we should be proud that over the last century these Scottish values, supporting justice and community, have shaped the Union. These values have led to the pooling and sharing of risks and resources across the UK and the creation of equal social, economic and political rights for all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity.

“They have narrowed the inequalities between the nations of the United Kingdom.”

The Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP said of the SNP: “Under their plans, all the decisions in an economic crisis would be made for Scotland by a separate government and a central bank from the rest of the UK: a form of self-imposed imperialism that smacks of 19th-century colonialism.”