Saltire flies over No 10 ‘to celebrate Scots people’

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Scotland’s history and people have been celebrated by political leaders marking St Andrew’s Day today.

First Minister Alex Salmond and Prime Minister David Cameron sent special messages highlighting the country’s culture and successes.

Mr Salmond’s message was recorded at Lochgelly primary school in Fife following an invitation from a P6 pupil. He said: “St Andrew’s Day is a very special day in Scotland. A day when we celebrate Scotland’s history, our people, our culture, but above all a celebration of our people.

“Scotland is proud of its history of invention and discovery. We actually invented quite a bit of the modern world. However, perhaps our greatest invention of all, the one that made all of the others possible, was the invention of universal free education.”

The Saltire was expected to fly alongside the Union flag above 10 Downing Street from sunrise today. Mr Cameron said: “Scottish companies and Scottish people are a critical part of the UK’s efforts to compete in the global race. A small country with a big heart and a big voice.

“Scots and Scotland have done so much to shape our modern world. So, this is a day for everyone to celebrate our shared history and look forward to our future prosperity together.”

Former defence secretary Dr Liam Fox was to mark St Andrew’s Day with a speech at the Glasgow University Conservative and Unionist Association this evening, in which he was expected to say: “This is not Alex Salmond’s personal fiefdom it is our country; we are proud of it, and we want the very best for it.”