Royal Marine ‘bigged it up as sergeant’

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A ROYAL Marine corporal who wore the uniform of a sergeant and medals he was not entitled to at a family wedding to “big it up and impress his family” was yesterday found guilty of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.

Sergeant Robert Barnett, of 40 Commando, who has been promoted since the offence, wore a No 1 dress uniform plus the honours, at the event last year.

The 33-year-old, based at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth, admitted he had worn the uniform and medals but he denied conduct that was prejudicial to good order and service discipline because it was a private event.

Captain Benjamin Taylor, prosecuting, told the court martial in Portsmouth that Barnett had been an acting sergeant in 2011. But he was a corporal again in June last year when he wore the sergeant’s uniform, plus medals which he was not entitled to wear.

The offence came to light when images of Barnett at the wedding appeared on Facebook.

Judge Advocate Robert Hill adjourned the case for sentencing.