RMT’s Bob Crow calls on unions to form new party

RMT general secretary Bob Crow. Picture: PA
RMT general secretary Bob Crow. Picture: PA
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TRANSPORT union boss Bob Crow will seek to exploit Labour wranglings with trade unions by urging the movement to break ties with Ed Miliband and create a party that “speaks for working people”.

The RMT general secretary accused the Labour leader of showing unions contempt and “dancing to the tune of Tony Blair” following plans to end the automatic affiliation of union members to the party.

Although the RMT union was expelled from the party in 2004 for allowing Scottish branches to affiliate to other political parties, Mr Crow claimed the shake-up announced earlier this week was an attempt to “hack away at the last remaining shreds of influence held by those who created the party”.

At the Durham Miners Gala, one of Britain’s most traditional trade union events, he will today attempt to rally support for a “new party of labour” to take on the “anti-worker” agenda of the three main Westminster political parties.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Crow said: “Clinging to the wreckage of a Labour Party that didn’t lift a finger to repeal the anti-union laws despite 13 years in power is a complete waste of time. The time for the alternative party of labour is now.”