Relief after baby snatched in car theft found safe

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A MOTHER broke down in tears after being reunited with her baby who was driven off by a car thief.

Leo Moulsdale, aged just seven weeks, was in the back of the family Subaru Impreza when the suspect jumped behind the wheel and sped away.

His frantic parents, Louise Waine and Thomas Moulsdale, both 24, searched the area until a call came through 15 minutes later to tell them the car had been found with Leo inside unharmed – and he had slept through the drama.

The thief struck at around 7:30pm on Tuesday, targeting the family’s car parked on Moor Road in Orrell, Wigan.

Mr Moulsdale, a plasterer, had left the car running as he went out to knock on a door about a job.

Seconds later the opportunist thief had jumped behind the wheel and begun a three-point turn.

Mr Moulsdale dashed to the car pulling at the passenger door shouting: “My baby is in there! My baby is in there!” but the car sped off dragging him along the street.

Hairdresser Ms Waine said: “He screamed down the phone ‘The car has been stolen and Leo is in the back’. He told me he was shouting to him that his baby was in there and kept saying to me ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry’, he was crying.

“It was like I was in a movie, I felt paralysed and panicky. To me this wasn’t real, this wasn’t happening to me.

“I just told my friend to drive I didn’t know where or in which direction, it was all a blur. My head was just spinning, I just wanted my baby back.”