Public sector ‘faces ten-year pay freeze’, warn Unison

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MANY public-sector workers may not see a pay rise for up to ten years, a union has warned.

Unison’s Christmas message has raised concerns about public-sector staff, many of whom work throughout the festive period, facing the double misery of the cold weather and “cold political climate”.

The union’s Scottish secretary, Mike Kirby, said: “Many thousands of our members have suffered three years of wage freeze.

“The real wages of public service workers have dived far below the freezing point, and many are being frozen out from real pay rises for up to ten years into the future.

“The pensions tax of 3 per cent which faces many of our members adds an extra burden. All this is as a result of the unfair and unnecessary austerity measures being visited upon us through all levels of government.”

Mr Kirby pointed out that many of his members will be working while other people enjoy Christmas.

“Thousands of Unison members will be working and on-call caring for people at all stages of life in the NHS, in local councils from social work to the roads department to homecare services, libraries and leisure centres, in public utilities like gas, electricity and water, in the police and fire services and many more,” he said.

“Our pledge at this time is to fight for our vital public services and the jobs, pay and pensions of those who deliver them this Christmas, and all year, every year.”