Mixed response as rain forecast to last the week

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THE gloomy weather that dogged Scotland’s Easter weekend is set to continue into the week, the Met Office has said.

Having experienced soaring temperatures last month, followed by blizzard conditions last week, the cool and wet weather that settled over Scotland during the weekend is set to endure well into the week, with slow-moving, heavy showers in parts, and temperatures hovering around 11C.

At higher levels, the rain will fall as snow throughout the week.

Met Office forecaster Peter Sloss said: “Compared to the weather we’ve had, a lot of dry weather through March, it’s changed now. Low pressure has moved in, the highs have moved away, and low is going to stay close to Scotland throughout the week, and in the circulation of the low we’re going to keep a lot of showers. Not everybody will get them, but most people will see some rain during the week.”

However, Mr Sloss said that while many would have seen the wet weather as unwelcome, for others it was welcome.

“We have to be careful, because the rain has been below average for March and early April, and some people, particularly farmers, will be looking for some rain,” he said.

“But it is certainly an unsettled picture throughout the week.”