Minister admits touching woman a ‘moral wrong’

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A married minister yesterday admitted committing a “moral wrong” by touching a woman on a plane, but denied sexually assaulting her.

Bernd Wannenwetsch is accused of inappropriately touching the woman while flying from Amsterdam to Aberdeen.

The Oxford University graduate has been charged with sexually assaulting the woman by intentionally or recklessly touching her on the breast and thigh during the flight.

But the ordained minister claims it was a consensual act that he has since regretted “every day”. Mr Wannenwetsch went on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court facing a charge of sexual assault earlier this year and the case was continued until yesterday.

He said: “It happened after take-off when I leaned across to see out of the window.

“First it was accidental – maybe we touched arms, very slight contact with her chest area. She encouraged me to keep looking out.”

He added: “I asked myself ‘am I perhaps misinterpreting her body language?’. The conclusion was clearly she consented and was enjoying the closeness.”

The case continues.