Leveson inquiry: Regulation elsewhere in world

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The Irish system of a press council was cited by Leveson in his report. It was set up in 2008 composed of 13 members.

France is renowned for its robust regulation of the media and strong privacy laws.

In Italy there is co-regulation of the press with the regulator working closely with the Ministry of Communications.

In the US there is considerable, but not absolute freedom from govenment restrictions.

In much of Scandinavia, the press regulates itself.

Press regulation is at a crossroads in China as private and foreign capital challenges the old regime of state-run media.

Zimbabwe’s fledgling presidential-democracy has strict laws curtailing the way the media operates.

Australia is facing tighter regulation after an inquiry in the wake of the UK’s News of the World furore.

Most media companies in brazil are opposing the suggestion of new rules.

Tranches of the media in Russia say they have been forced into self-censorship.