KT Tunstall has kidney operation

KT TUNSTALL was admitted to hospital to undergo an hour-long operation for a kidney ailment, it was revealed yesterday.

The 31-year-old star, who has been on a restricted diet for two months, is now understood to be recovering at home in London.

The Scottish singer's illness was caused by a childhood condition, which has left her with one malfunctioning under-sized kidney.

She has been in New York editing the final mix of her second album - a follow-up to the her 3.5 million selling debut Eye to the Telescope.

On her website, Tunstall said she was "feeling surprisingly fine". She added: "I was in hospital two days ago...Yes! A backless gown et al! I had a little operation to try and sort out my ongoing midget kidney problems, and if this doesn't work then I'm off to join the circus as the 'Midget Kidneyed, Mutant Lunged, Huge Fore-armed, Big/Small Legged Busker'. I might even grow a beard."

No details were released of where the operation took place on Tuesday.

Tunstall, who almost missed attending February's Grammy Award ceremony in Los Angeles because of illness, said that the kidney condition had plagued her since childhood.

Speaking at the time, she said: "I went for an ultrasound scan and it turns out I have a little dwarven 11-year-old's left organ! An infection when I was a kid has left me with a wee kiddy kidney. A kidnette if you will."

Tunstall spent nine months of last year touring on both sides of the Atlantic. Her music now features in several leading TV shows including Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Commander in Chief. Her Suddenly I See was used in the opening scene of the film The Devil Wears Prada.