Joss Stone accused had shopping list of weapons

The duo are accused of a plot to rob and murder Joss Stone. Picture: PA
The duo are accused of a plot to rob and murder Joss Stone. Picture: PA
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THE written ramblings of one of two men accused of plotting to kill singer Joss Stone have been presented to a jury.

Kevin Liverpool, 35, wrote a diary of his thoughts about the English soul singer.

Other entries talked of the need to buy a semi-automatic gun, a gun holder, a silencer and infra-red equipment, as well as a “ninja sword”.

Liverpool had also penned a reminder to buy a hooded top, car insurance, a safe and open a bank account, Exeter Crown Court heard yesterday.

He wrote of “war”, “warlord #1” and of “missions” to “rob” and “discipline”.

Liverpool and co-defendant ­Junior Bradshaw, 32, are charged with plotting to rob and kill Devon-based Miss Stone before dumping her body in a river in June 2011.

The men, both of ­Manchester, deny conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to rob.

The diary was seized by police when they raided Liverpool’s one-bedroom flat after he had been arrested in Devon. Each page of the diary was covered in handwritten scrawls, in either blue or black ink, with much of it crossed or scribbled out.

Detective Constable Katherine Joyner took the jury of ten men and two women through the ­diary’s contents.

She said there were quite a few urban slang words, such as “wet” – meaning to repeatedly stab someone until their clothes are soaked with blood – and “popo”, a term for police.

Liverpool had also written a list, numbered one, two and three, of “rob”, “wet/injure” and “death”.

The notes included details of Miss Stone’s date and place of birth and a biography of her musical career, including the ­albums she had released. Liverpool referred to Miss Stone – real name Jocelyn Eve Stoker – as “princess”.

Jurors have already heard that a stash of weapons was found in the defendants’ car.

A uniformed police officer discovered a black-handled samurai sword with a sheath, two knives and a length of green garden-style hosepipe in the boot of a Fiat Punto being driven by Bradshaw. On the back seat of the burgundy hatchback, police recovered a black hooded top and a black-and-grey rucksack.

The rucksack contained a roll of black bags, a roll of black tape, a hammer bought for £1 from a Manchester DIY store, a black-and-yellow spike, spark plugs, a sock and a carrier bag.

A second £1 hammer was found in the front passenger footwell of the car, along with three black gloves and a black hat. A black balaclava was also recovered from the rear of the car as well as AA Route Planner printouts from Manchester to Miss Stone’s house in Devon, the court also heard.

In the diary, other musical stars were listed, such as ­rapper Dizzee Rascal, Eminem, Beyonce [Knowles], Craig David, R Kelly, Chris Brown and Girls Aloud.

Other entries referred to “Jocelyn RIP – try to get info. Rob and kill.” Another said: “Steel a car & out. Jocelyn Stoker RIP.”

Liverpool also wrote: “Jocelyn – devil. She devil in flesh.

“Devil gyal [slang for girl], little devil gyal.

“The Queen. She devil/her system take the p***.

“Destroy The Queen’s system.”

The court heard that when Liverpool was arrested, a handwritten note was found by ­police which said: “Find a river to dump her.”

Det Con Joyner confirmed under cross-examination from Philip King QC, representing Liverpool, that following her detailed examination of all the documents seized by police, she never found a picture of Miss Stone or a ransom note.

The two defendants were ­arrested at around 9am on 13 June 2011. They had earlier been spoken to by police in Gloucester after their vehicle was severely damaged when it collided with railings and a stationary digger on a slip road to the M5 near Bristol.

The trial continues.