Jimmy Savile: Nine victims were under 10 years old

Jimmy Savile at his home in Leeds. Picture: James Hardisty
Jimmy Savile at his home in Leeds. Picture: James Hardisty
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NINE of Jimmy Savile’s West Yorkshire victims were under 10 at the time and one of them was only five.

As part of the report, West Yorkshire Police analysed the characteristics of the 68 victims who have come forward in the force area so far.

These victims have reported 76 crimes between them.

The youngest victim was five and the eldest was 45. The report said nine victims were under 10; nine victims were 10 to 13 years old; 30 were aged 14 to 17; and 20 were adults. Of the 68 complainants, 49 were female and 19 were male.

Most of the offending took place in the 1960s and 70s but two claims related to the 1950s and three in the 2000s. Of these offences, eight were alleged rapes.

Other offences detailed by his victims have been recorded as sexual assault, sexual activity with a child, indecent exposure and common assault.

The report concluded: “Despite numerous interviews, system searches and inquiries with other agencies, the review team found no evidence of any previous allegations being made to WYP against Savile, or of any investigations being conducted.

“The force does recognise that some people may have difficulty in reconciling this fact; indeed WYP has difficulty in reconciling this, as since October 2012, 68 victims have come forward to report Savile’s abuse in the West Yorkshire area.

Police attended Savile’s ‘social gatherings’

JIMMY Savile himself admitted he met senior police officers as part of his regular Friday Morning Club (FMC) at his Leeds penthouse – and even claimed to have passed them “weirdo” letters he had received.

The report by West Yorkshire Police said investigators had traced and interviewed everyone known to have been involved in what it concluded was “an occasional meeting of a group of people to have coffee, tea and a chat about current affairs or Savile’s celebrity tales at Savile’s home address.”

One sergeant told detectives how he first met Savile while working as a community officer and was invited for a coffee. The officer said this became a regular engagement at a time when he was being encouraged to establish community links.

“Sergeant B said nothing occurred at the FMC that compromised his position as a serving WYP officer,” the report said.

The inquiry concluded that over the two decades Savile held his Friday morning meetings, up to eight police officers had attended the club over different periods of time. Most said they were invited by an unnamed inspector, who was named by Savile when he was interviewed by Surrey Police in 2009.

Four of the officers attended only once, but four others attended on a regular basis over a number of years, investigators found.

“All of the officers spoken to describe the visit to Savile’s home as nothing more than a short social gathering where people would chat and drink tea,” the report said.

“They said that there would be a mixture of people present, the majority being Savile’s friends.”

The report confirmed a number of the officers remember Savile occasionally reading out letters that he would later describe as “weirdo” letters in his Surrey Police interview.

Almost all of the letters were begging letters or were requests for a charitable donation, the officers told investigators.

The report said: “They are adamant that the letters they saw did not involve any accusations of sexual assault or any other crime committed by Savile and the letters remained with him.”

The inspector did recall one letter that contained threats of violence but nothing of a criminal or sexual nature.

Comedian Jim Davidson rebailed over alleged offences

Comedian Jim Davidson has been rebailed over alleged sex offences by police investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Davidson, 59, was bailed to an unspecified date in July.

So far, 12 people have been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree.

Davidson’s solicitor, Henri Brandman, said: “Jim continues to vigorously deny the allegations and is helping the police as fully as possible in their inquiries. He has not, of course, been charged with any offence.”

A number of high-profile figures from the entertainment industry have been arrested as part of the investigation, which is being run in three strands: allegations against Savile, allegations involving Savile and others, and allegations involving others.

The dozen arrests that have been made include former pop star Gary Glitter, DJ Dave Lee Travis and comedian Freddie Starr. All of them deny any wrongdoing.

PR guru Max Clifford was charged with 11 historic counts of indecent assault against teenage girls.

The 70-year-old, who is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 28, has vowed to clear his name, describing the allegations as “a load of nonsense”.

Earlier this week, the veteran comedian Jimmy Tarbuck was arrested at his home in south-west London. The arrest was made in connection with a historic child sex abuse allegation by North Yorkshire Police, after receiving information from Scotland Yard detectives working on Yewtree.


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