‘Internet more important than heating or water’

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Workers are more concerned about losing their internet connection at home than having no heating or water, a study suggests.

Nearly 40 per cent of people believe their stress levels would be higher if they were unable to surf the web than if basic utilities were cut off or their televisions stopped working.

The report, commissioned by Infosecurity Europe, suggests Britons have become more reliant on online services than ever.

Last year, 17 per cent of those questioned claimed they could not live without an internet connection. The figure now stands at 27 per cent, the study found.

Meanwhile, a quarter of those surveyed said they could only last 24 hours without a home connection.

The poll, of 1,000 London commuters, revealed that 38 per cent would prefer to lose other utilities than see their internet go down.

About 32 per cent said they would be most worried if they had no water, while 18 per cent claimed a lack of heating would cause them greatest stress.

Claire Sellick, of Infosecurity, said: “[This study] shows just how dependent we are on the internet.”