Foie gras is off menu for the Lords

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FOIE gras has been taken off the menu in the House of Lords after complaints from animal rights campaigners.

Catering chiefs have been criticised for serving up the delicacy – a pâté which is made from the distended liver of geese and ducks force-fed grain to produce an outsized fat-rich organ.

“It will not feature on menus from January,” a Lords spokesman said.

Foie gras is already off the menu in the House of Commons.

Food producers are banned from force-feeding animals to make the product in the UK, but it is still available from fine-food specialists and in restaurants.

Campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals won support from several peers in its calls for the pâté to be banned from Lords restaurants.

Agriculture minister David Heath recently urged consumers to boycott foie gras.