Flush of ire as customers pan garage toilets

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Customers at petrol station forecourt shops have given the toilets a panning.

Bad lavatory facilities were the number one aggravation for motorists and shoppers at petrol stations, a survey showed.

Poor hygiene was the main problem, according to the poll conducted by wholesaler and supplier Palmer and Harvey.

More than half of the 1,000 people surveyed also said they hated having to ask for the key to the loo.

Only 23 per cent said petrol stations were clean and only 17 per cent always found them stocked with toilet rolls, towels and soap.

In addition, 56 per cent thought products on sale at forecourts were too expensive and 28 per cent found the queues too long.

Nearly all motorists (98 per cent) said they were waiting longer to fill up than a few years ago.

The poll also found that 83 per cent would like to be able to pay at the pump without having to go inside, while 78 per cent would like forecourts to offer more parking spaces for customers there just to shop.