Ed Miliband warns of crisis Britan

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LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has claimed that Britain is suffering a living standards “crisis”, as he shrugged off comparisons between his approval ratings and those of David Cameron and Tony Blair.

Mr Miliband insisted he was going to “go out and do it my own way”, including admitting where Labour had “got it wrong” in the past.

“We have a living standards crisis in this country and we have got to tackle it. There is a big contrast in politics today – the Tories think a few millionaires at the top will create the wealth in this country and get our economy going,” he said during a television interview.

“We think we need a recovery made by the many, that is why we have got to support the 
living standards of ordinary families.”

Asked about his approval ratings two years before a general election in comparison to those enjoyed by David Cameron and Tony Blair, Mr Miliband said: “I am not going to get into these comparisons. I am going to go out and do it my own way.”

Questioned about his performance in a BBC radio interview on Monday, Mr Miliband said, “that happens, you do interviews - some interviews well, some interviews not so well”.