David Cameron says G8 must share terror burden

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The G8 group of developed countries should agree to “share the burden” of tackling terrorism in flashpoints around the globe, Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday.

Setting out his priorities for Britain’s year-long presidency of the G8, he warned the world was “in the midst of a long struggle against murderous terrorists and the poisonous ideology that supports them”.

Defeating the menace of al-Qaeda and the Islamist terror groups it has inspired will require “tough, intelligent and patient” work not only in security and military terms, but also through diplomacy, aid, political relations and support for democracy, he said.

And he made clear the job could not be left to only a few states, like Britain.

“The G8 can discuss how we can best divide up some of the work between us – and how we can partner up with the countries worst affected to overcome this threat,” he said.