David Cameron’s EU speech to be given this week

David Cameron is to hold his long-awaited EU speech on Wednesday
David Cameron is to hold his long-awaited EU speech on Wednesday
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PRIME David Cameron is to give his delayed speech on how the UK needs to redefine its relationship with the European Union on Wednesday.

The speech, which has been six months in the making, was due to be delivered on Friday in Amsterdam after several previous postponements last year.

However, Mr Cameron put it off so he could deal with the terrorism crisis in Algeria.

The speech to be delivered in London is expected to outline how the UK should stay in the EU but argue for specific powers to be repatriated.

While many Tory backbenchers and some members of Mr Cameron’s cabinet including education secretary Michael Gove want an in or out referendum, the PM will instead propose a referendum on getting powers back.

However, insiders have said there will be “enough red meat” to keep Tory eurosceptics happy.

Extracts released last week showed that he will use the speech to warn EU leaders that Britain could leave the 27-nation block if three key concerns are not resolved.

But his official spokesman declined to comment on weekend press reports that he will announce an in or out referendum to be held after the 2015 general election, but rule out legislation during this parliament.