60% of Scots say all UK nations must back EU exit

Nearly two-thirds of Scots believe all four UK nations must back an EU exit. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Nearly two-thirds of Scots believe all four UK nations must back an EU exit. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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ALMOST two-thirds of Scots believe that all four UK nations must back exiting the EU in a vote before the whole country could leave, according to a poll.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in/out referendum if the Conservatives win May’s general election, but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a veto on the issue.

A Survation poll of 1,011 people commissioned by the SNP found 60 per cent agreed that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should all have to vote to leave before the UK as a whole could do so, with 14 per cent disagreeing.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Significantly, this democratic safeguard against Scotland being dragged out of Europe against our will is supported by a strong majority of people who voted No in the referendum as well as Yes - and by supporters of all political parties, people of all ages, all social backgrounds, and in every part of Scotland.

“This proposal has been described as ‘worth considering’ by the Labour First Minister of Wales - and with David Cameron upping the stakes with his plan to bring forward his in/out referendum, it is now more urgent than ever that people and parties across the UK who support retaining our place in Europe back it.

“Polls consistently show that people in Scotland want to continue working in partnership with our friends and allies in the EU - and if we truly are the ‘family of nations’ that Westminster politicians told us during the referendum campaign, they should back these plans to ensure that Scotland isn’t forced out of the EU against the wishes of this nation.”

Ms Sturgeon has said SNP MPs at Westminster would table an amendment to any bill on the referendum requiring the consent of all four nations.


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