UK’s worst drivers are from Scotland

A white Audi A4. Image: Listers
A white Audi A4. Image: Listers
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Scottish males aged between 21 and 25, who drive a white manual diesel Audi, have no children and work as a manager are statistically the worst drivers in the UK, according to car insurance broker Admiral.

The insurer’s findings come from data taken from onboard “black boxes” to pinpoint and profile the nation’s worst and best drivers.

Data released by Admiral has revealed the UK's worst type of driver. Image: Admiral

Data released by Admiral has revealed the UK's worst type of driver. Image: Admiral

The telematics data, from electronic boxes stored within the cars of customers who opt to join the scheme, consider driving characteristics including excessive braking to speeding and scores these out of 100 per cent.

Scotland is the worst region on record, with 51 per cent, followed closely by the West Midlands on 52 per cent.

When looking at city-level data, Edinburgh - the only Scottish city in the report - charted 57 per cent; the second-highest spot in the table after Liverpool’s four per cent higher score.

Lloyd Badran from Admiral said: “We can see that there are general trends in different demographics and driving ability. Younger people tend to score lower than others, which could be partly due to experience, but it does show that perhaps younger people do need more information about safe driving.”

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At the other end of the spectrum, females aged 46 to 50 years old who drive automatic red Hondas and are employed as software engineers with children are statistically the UK’s safest drivers. The most considerate females are also likely to hail from East Anglia.

In terms of the age-old gender argument, women were found to be marginally better drivers with a score of 58 per cent.

Men lagged behind by only 5 per cent, but on average covered 564 miles per year more than women, with more time behind the wheel likely to lead to an accident.

Admiral declined to say how many cars have a telematics device installed.