Wife of ex-PM Sarah Brown in £80 rail ticket fine

SARAH Brown, the wife of former prime minister Gordon Brown, was hit with an £80 fine after failing to pay for a rail journey in London properly.

Sarah Brown was handed an £80 fine for failing to pay for a rail journey properly. Picture: Ian Rutherford

• Sarah Brown hit with ticket fine of £80 after “honest error”

• Wife of former PM Gordon Brown had not swiped Oyster Card properly

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An “honest error” led to her not swiping her Oyster Card on the Docklands Light Railway correctly. She added that she had paid the full fare once arriving at her destination.

“Hugely upset after being fined £80 on Docklands Light Railway as I had not swiped my Oyster card properly in an honest error,” the public relations executive said on Twitter.

She later added: “Seems to be £40 if I pay quickly and don’t appeal. I do have my receipt to show I paid my travel fare once I reached my destination.”

The charity campaigner and former public relations executive later praised staff at Russell Square tube station for their help, saying: “Just to say that the staff at Russell Square tube are especially lovely and were very helpful at getting my Oyster card legal and decent again.”

Transport for London (TfL) said it would investigate the incident.