We’re out to get you, Alexander warns wealthy tax-dodgers

DANNY Alexander has warned that companies that try to avoid paying taxes will be denied government contracts, and promised Lib Dem activists that he would be go after the rich.

In his main speech to conference, the Chief Treasury Secretary warned tax avoiders “we are going to get you”.

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But after forcing consultants working for the government to stop using tax avoidance schemes this year, Mr Alexander made it clear he believes it is unfair the same does not apply to companies winning government contracts. He said: “If you want to work for us, you should play by our rules.”

He added: “There are thousands of large firms that receive taxpayers’ money to deliver a service – they do a good job helping to deliver public services.

“But I have discovered that there is nothing that prevents the very small minority of firms that don’t play by the rules from winning government contracts.”