UK paramedics find £10 and heartwarming note on ambulance after blocking driveway

Two ambulance workers are sending their thanks to the person who left them a heartwarming message on their vehicle after they attended a 999 call.

Ambulance technician Gary Turley and volunteer Carol Lewis were attending an emergency call in Faversham, Kent, which left them no option to block a few driveways in order to attend to the person who lived in a house on the small street.

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Ambulance plea after rude note left on vehicle

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‘It was a busy and emotional day’ Turley noticed a note attached to the dashboard after they attended the call on Saturday, and feared the worst.

The note was left on the ambulance. Picture: Facebook/SWNS

“The day in question was a busy and emotional day,” ambulance technician Gary Turley said.

“When we arrived on scene of this particular call, Carol, a volunteer from the local Community First Responder Scheme had already arrived and was providing treatment to the patient.”

“The road was quite small so we had no choice but to block some driveways. We were just going to leave scene to go to hospital when I noticed a note on the windscreen with a £10 note.”

The note, which was placed on top of the vehicle, read: “You’re blocking our drive… no worries, buy a coffee when you can xxx”.

Carol Lewis was with Turley when he found the note. Picture: SWNS/Facebook

A £10 note was also attached to the piece of paper.

Lewis was so pleased by the kind message that she shared the experience on Facebook.

“R2652 [the vehicle] booked on for 8 hours today and attended 2 of the highest category calls we get,” she wrote in a post.

“But here is a note that a member of the public in Faversham left on the Ambulance. Shows appreciation, thank you so much xx.”

The pair want to thank the person who left the note, saying that “it lifted our spirits”.

“The generosity of the person who left it for us is amazing,” Turley told i.

“It really lifted our spirits and the hot drink helped us through the rest of the shift. I’d like to thank the person who left it for us.”

Some paramedics have unfortunately had worse luck.

Two medics last month found a rude note tacked to their car after they had to block a driveway when they were attending to an emergency call.

“Please have some consideration where you park your ambulance!” the note read.

“This is not the first time.”

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