Twitter down as website and app suffer outages

The screen that greeted many Twitter users today. Picture: PA
The screen that greeted many Twitter users today. Picture: PA
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Users across Scotland and the rest of Europe today experienced intermittent or total failure of popular social networking service Twitter since problems first set in last night.

Those visiting the Twitter site today were greeted with the message “Something is technically wrong” and a light-hearted drawing of an injured robot.

Outages across the UK, France and Germany have been reported intermittently since 9am this morning. Despite this issue, some users have still been able to tweet, with the hashtag #twitterdown now trending in the UK.

Twitter’s support account posted a Tweet stating: “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.”

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Many of the service’s 320 million users were unable to see this message due to the outage.

While the mobile app was able to load user profiles, timeline feeds for certain pages were sporadically-updated.

Third-party applications such as TweetDeck were also affected by the problem, and Twitter’s blog posts and corporate information was also affected.

Twitter has failed several times in earlier years, with servers unable to handle the massive volumes of data that users were requesting during events such as the Super Bowl and even an Apple Keynote Speech.

Last Friday, UK users were also affected by a service outage that lasted for about 20 minutes.