Terrorist's link to mosque run by notorious Abu Hamza

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FINSBURY Park mosque was used as a nerve centre for operations by Kamel Bourgass, the Old Bailey heard.

Bourgass and his eight co-defendants - who were cleared of plotting to produce ricin - all had connections with the now infamous London mosque.

The mosque’s photocopier was used to make copies of one set of the poison recipes.

Bourgass stayed there after entering the UK illegally and gave it as his address during his attempt to be given asylum. Two other defendants worked there, one in the kitchens and another in the bookshop.

The ricin recipes found at the Wood Green flat were in an envelope addressed to Nadir Habra - Bourgass’ real name or one of his many aliases - at the Finsbury Park mosque address. A key to a serving area in the mosque’s kitchens was found in the Crumpsall Lane bedsit.

It also emerged that Bourgass had frequently sold stolen clothing at the mosque.

The Finsbury Park mosque has became notorious under one-handed cleric Abu Hamza as a suspected base for turning Muslims into terrorists.

In January this year an undercover reporter who went there recorded a cleric hailing "our honourable brothers in Guantanamo Bay".