Stella Creasy claims ‘attacks by cybernats’

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, said she had been targeted by cybernats. Picture: Getty
Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, said she had been targeted by cybernats. Picture: Getty
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LABOUR deputy leadership candidate Stella Creasy says she has been targeted by “cybernats” who have made sexist comments about her gender and her appearance.

Creasy, who was previously subjected to a barrage of abuse and threats by Twitter troll Peter Nunn that resulted in him being given an 18-week jail sentence, said that the attacks by nationalists came after she expressed views on Scottish politics.

She said she would report the offenders to the police if the abuse escalated.

“I’ve been trolled by cybernats making disparaging comments about my gender,” said Creasy, who is MP for Walthamstow.

“One problem I’ve had is that when I make a comment about Scotland there are sometimes aggressive and abusive posts about me.

“It’s not every time I come on social media, but there have been these offensive comments about me and my gender.

“When I say that I don’t agree with nationalism there are some who seem to start to get abusive.

“I’m not alone as an English politician in this.”

She went on: “I’m a very robust person and while it’s not happened for a couple of months, if I’m targeted by cybernats seriously I’ll report it to the authorities.”

Creasy said that she had deleted and blocked most of the posts that she described as ‘sexist and abusive’, some of which were made in the run up to the General Election in May, and last year’s independence referendum.

And Creasy, who is well known for a campaign against excessive APR rates charged by some pay day loans firms, suggested cybernats may begin to target her more if she is elected as deputy Labour leader next month.

She tweeted in December last year that she had experienced a “Twitter stream full of abuse from cyber nats for expressing support for Scottish Labour”.

Nicola Sturgeon recently vowed to tackle the so-called cybernats who direct online abuse against the SNP’s opponents, as she warned that party members who “cross the line” will face disciplinary action.