Sir Rod Stewart says he would love to have biopic – with sons in starring roles

Rod Stewart says he wants to see a film made about his colourful life – and knows exactly who should play him.

The singer, this year celebrating his 50th year as a solo star, wants to follow in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Judy Garland, who have all had movies made about their lives.

The Bee Gees are the latest music legends to be given the big-screen treatment and Rod, 74, revealed he’s also been in talks about a biopic.

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“I would love to have a film made and my two youngest sons, who are similar-looking to me, to be offered to be in it, playing the young Rod.

Veteran singer Sir Rod Stewart at Buckingham Palace in London, with his wife, Penny Lancaster and children Alastair Stewart and Aiden. Picture: Shutterstock

“I have four sons and my nine-year-old really does look like me. I would love it and the film would have my full co-operation. There have been tiny moves towards it, but nothing concrete.”

The father-of-eight is playing three nights at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro this month and a date at Aberdeen’s new P&J Live arena in December. The dates are part of his biggest ever UK tour.

While he has no plans to slow down anytime soon, he’ll be forced to lie low for a while after Christmas.

“In the New Year I need to have a total knee replacement. Playing football so much has caught up with me,” he said.

“I’ll have six weeks off in January going into February, and then I’ll start again. I have a big American tour planned with Blondie, and then I’m out to Australia and New Zealand, and then South America.

“I try to plan all my tours around the school holidays of my two youngest, so they can be with me because I really miss them. That was something I couldn’t do when my other kids were growing up.

“It was 1.30am before I got home from watching Celtic play in Rome on Thursday night, but I was up again at 6.30am to get the kids to school.”

Sir Rod admits he regrets not being there as much for his elder children as he is for 12-year-old Alastair and Aiden, nine, his two boys with third wife Penny Lancaster.

“I’ve spoken to them, especially my two oldest, Sean and Kimberly. We’ve sat down and talked about it and I told them I missed them, that I wasn’t out having parties but rather I was working because I was so in debt to the taxman at the time. I had to keep working to get myself out of debt.

“Now they understand but there was a point where they were saying the old cliché of ‘Dad, you weren’t here for me’, and I said I wasn’t, but I was working really hard and they know that now.”

Sir Rod says his life is an open book and he recently spoke out about a secret battle with prostate cancer

While playing a fundraising gig with his former Faces bandmates Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones in September, he told the audience he’d been battling the condition for three years and was only given the all-clear in July.

“I felt it would do more good to talk about it,” he said.

With 200 million albums sold and a successful Las Vegas residency, Rod is one of the most famous singers in the world, but he is still able to live a normal life.

“It’s important to do so,” he said. “It’s quite remarkable — as long as I put a hat on, people will take a glance and say, ‘nah, it’s not him’. The minute I take that hat off they all know who I am – it’s the hair that’s recognised. I enjoy living my life and walking around the streets – I don’t have security guards. Nine times out of ten, people are polite.

“No one asks for autographs any more, it’s all selfies. That’s OK, as long as I’m not having my dinner or trying to pay a bill in a shop.”