Scottish Labour ‘will stand up to Boris Johnson’

SCOTTISH Labour has pledged to continue baiting Boris Johnson and his Conservative colleagues who have complained about taxes raised in England being used to boost public spending in Scotland.

Scottish Labour has vowed to continue 'baiting' Boris Johnson. Picture: PA
Scottish Labour has vowed to continue 'baiting' Boris Johnson. Picture: PA
Scottish Labour has vowed to continue 'baiting' Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

The London mayor has accused Labour of trying to “mug” Londoners and squeeze them “till the pips squeak” to fund devolved Scottish pledges such as 1,000 extra nurses.

But Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said Labour is remains committed to pooling UK resources through the block grant, even if it upsets Mr Johnson and “his Tory pals”.

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Ms Curran will promote Labour pledges such as welfare powers that go beyond the recommendations of the Smith Commission and the continuation of the UK block grant as she launches Scottish Labour’s election campaign in her Glasgow East constituency today.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Ms Curran said: “Scots were promised major new powers, and a Labour Government will not just deliver on these, but go even further.

“Under a Labour Government the final decision on welfare in Scotland will be made here in Scotland.

“Only with a Labour Government will there be radical new powers for Scotland and the security of the block grant.

“This election isn’t just about individual policies, it’s about the values we posses.

“For Labour that means investing in working class families. That’s why our commitment to the block grant is unwavering.

“Under a Labour Government the higher levels of public spending Scotland gets through the block grant are here to stay. That might upset Boris Johnson and his Tory pals, but it’s the right thing to do for Scotland.

“The Tories and Liberals won’t go as far as Labour in delivering the major new powers Scotland needs to make us the fairest nation on earth.

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“The SNP want to scrap the block grant and rely on oil, which would see £7.6 billion of extra spending cuts and cost 138,000 jobs. The SNP’s plan would mean austerity-max for Scotland. Our plans mean social justice.

“The way to get a Labour Government is to vote Labour. We need to stop the Tories being the largest party across the UK.

“A vote for anyone other than Labour risks the Tories being the biggest party and David Cameron retuning to Downing Street by accident.

“Scotland needs a Labour Government, but we won’t get one unless we go out and vote for it.”