Scots judge blasts Theresa May over ‘Yemen civil war’

HOME Secretary Theresa May has been heavily criticised by a Scottish judge for a “perverse” decision that the killing and maiming of thousands of people in Yemen during the Arab Spring uprising should not be classed as an internal armed conflict.

Former Labour MP Lady Clark’s condemnation came as she ruled that a failed application for humanitarian protection by a Yemeni man currently living in Scotland should be reconsidered.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh heard that the man, who cannot be identified, claimed asylum on entering the UK, but was refused in 2010. Then, in April last year, he put forward fresh information about conditions in his country, seeking a second hearing.

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However, the Home Secretary held that there was no realistic prospect of another judge coming to a different decision and denied the man a second hearing. She said: “There is no reason why he cannot return to the Yemen in safety.”

The man sought judicial review of Ms May’s decision.

Lady Clark said: “It is perverse for [the Home Secretary] to conclude that the situation disclosed in the information is not capable of being considered as one of internal armed conflict.”