Scotland News Live: Peter Murrell re-arrest in SNP finance probe | Climate change U-turn leaves the Greens facing questions

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All the background on Operation Branchform

Significant development tonight

A housing association has received an official reprimand after a new computer system enabled residents to access each other’s personal data.

Clyde Valley Housing Association received the reprimand from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK data protection regulator, following the launch of an online residents’ portal on July 14, 2022.

On the day the system went live, a resident contacted the housing association in Lanarkshire to say they were able to view other residents’ information, but the staff member who handled the call failed to escalate the matter.

'I've got a point of order'

Some rather amusing back-and-forth to end FMQs, as the SNP’s Kevin Stewart, Scottish Tories deputy leader Meghan Gallacher and MSP Pam Gosal trade points of order - some of them over the puberty blockers announcement.

The direction from Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone might need a bit of work on Google to understand. One for the political purists perhaps

Gender question comes late, but has arrived

And there is a question on gender issues, which has come right at the end of FMQs.

Humza Yousaf has been asked by Labour MSP Carol Mochan whether the decision by two NHS Scotland health boards to pause the prescription of puberty blockers for children who identify as transgender was linked to any Scottish Government direction.

The First Minister has committed to giving an update either ‘next week or in coming weeks’ on his Government’s official position, although he says the matter should be decided “by clinicians, not entirely by politicians”.

Under pressure

A question for Humza Yousaf away from hate crime and climate change - Scottish Conservatives chairman Craig Hoy asks what the Scottish Government’s response is to reports of significant financial pressures within NHS Lothian and NHS Borders.

In response, the First Minister cites a Budget increase for NHS health boards as he mentions UK government funding cuts, and cites the ongoing impact left by the Covid pandemic.

It should be no surprise this answer doesn’t wash with Mr Hoy, who cites bed closures announced over the past month by NHS Lothian.

But Mr Yousaf accuses the Tory MP of shedding “crocodile tears” for the NHS while claiming the UK Conservative party have cut “our capital budget by £1.3 billion’.

'Nowhere to hide'

Trying to get your head around the Scottish Green position on the climate change U-turn?

Read the insightful analysis here from deputy political editor David Bol, as he writes ‘there is nowhere to hide’.

The questions on missed climate change targets aren't stopping...

Tory MSP Maurice Golden is the latest politician to use First Minister’s Questions to ask about missed climate change targets.

He specifically asks Humza Yousaf whether his Government is abandoning the announcement of annual climate targets to “hide their shambolic record”.

The FM’s response? He accuses Mr Golden of “brass-necked cheek”, as he cites the record on the same issue of Rishi Sunak’s Government.

This all sets things up very nicely for the statement due from net zero secretary Mairi McAllan this afternoon.

'Wasted' opportunities

The message from Anas Sarwar on what has taken place is clear.

“Only Humza Yousaf could believe slamming the brakes is an acceleration, because that’s what they’re doing this afternoon,” the Scottish Labour leader has said.

“And we already know Humza Yousaf supports a tax on workers, but doesn’t support a tax on the oil and gas giants who are making record profits. Because the fact is Humza Yousaf is rowing back on his climate targets and the Green party are backing him up.”

Mr Sarwar adds: “The people of Scotland gave the SNP a huge opportunity, which they have wasted.”

Mr Yousaf replies to question why the Scottish Labour leader has failed to mention the £28 billion Green Prosperity Fund, which Sir Keir Starmer has himself rowed back on

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