Scotland in EU weaker than Greece, say Lib Dems

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AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would be allocated less voting power in the European Union than Greece, according to information extracted by the Lib Dems from the European Commission.

The United Kingdom currently has 29 votes within the Council of Ministers – the same number as France, Germany and Italy. This would fall to 27 votes, based on population size, if Scotland were to become independent.

Scotland itself would be allocated seven votes as an independent nation – the same number as Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Ireland and Lithuania.

George Lyon, the Lib Dem MEP, said such a small number of votes would mean Scotland would have to rely on building “shaky alliances” with other member states to pass any motion, or block any proposal.

Aileen McLeod, SNP MSP and member of the European and external relations committee, said: “When the UK does use its votes in Europe, it regularly does so against Scotland’s vital interests – as our farmers and fishermen will testify. It was a previous Tory government that was revealed to believe Scottish fishermen were ‘expendable’ against Westminster’s wider objectives.

“An independent Scotland in Europe will have its own voice at the top table, better able to represent Scotland’s vital interests and negotiate from a position of strength.”