School under fire after pulling 120 children out of class for ‘wearing the wrong shoes’

Parents fell foul of the school's new uniform policy which requires pupils to wear shoes 'that can be polished'

Ashby School changed its uniform policy over the summer. Picture: Google Maps
Ashby School changed its uniform policy over the summer. Picture: Google Maps

Outraged parents have hit out at a school after teachers reportedly placed around 120 pupils in “isolation” because of their shoes.

Pupils at Ashby School in Ashby de-la Zouch, Leicestershire, were allegedly marched out of classrooms for wearing the wrong type of footwear.

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The school reportedly updated its uniform policy over the summer and required children to wear shoes “that can be polished”, but scores of children fell foul of the new regulations on their first day back.

One disgruntled parent posted the news on a local Facebook group called “Spotted: Ashby de-la Zouch” to complain, and soon sparked a heated debate among other parents.

“Ashby School have got it hugely wrong today!” the original post read, “127 children in ‘isolation’ (at times unsupervised) for the wrong shoes! Totally inappropriate and completely unnecessary when a letter home would have sufficed.

“Still have no idea what’s wrong with my child’s shoes because no-one from school will tell me,” the post continued, “What’s more important, a child’s education or their shoes? What happens to the families that can’t afford to keep spending on school uniform?”

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But they also claimed many of the issues were quickly resolved and students were allowed to return to their normal classes.

However one mother, Lisa Watson, claimed her child had missed a “whole day of lessons” because of the uniform changes.

“This isn’t just about not wearing uniform,” Ms Watson commented on Facebook, “My child had the correct uniform and what we thought would class as leather-look shoes.

“A notification to say they didn’t meet the spec is more appropriate than my child missing a whole day of lessons! Appalling priorities!”

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The school claimed guidelines on what children are now allowed to wear had been circulated to parents weeks before the start of term.

Headteacher Geoff Staniforth also told the newspaper that parents had been made aware of the consequences of not conforming to the new uniform policy, and said students had been supervised by staff and provided with work to do while thei uniform issues were resolved.

It says: “These should be leather or leather look and must be a traditional shoe that can be polished. Canvas shoes, trainers or trainer-style shoes and boots are not acceptable.

“Dr Martens shoes may be worn but not ankle or high boot types.”

Some parents defended the school over the uniform change after the incident.

Tracey Roden commented: “I think the uniform, including shoes, is great! It’s really not difficult to get shoes which can be polished.”

i has contacted Ashby School for comment.

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