Relax Rose, we've just been voted the second worst movie of all time

IT'S enough to make the public pelt the screen with popcorn. The Spice Girls are the culprits behind the worst movie in cinema history, according to a new poll that ranked Spice World: The Movie as the top turkey.

Yet Posh, Sporty and Co. can take comfort in the fickle nature of the viewing public, who branded Titanic, winner of 11 Oscars and the most successful film of all time, as the second worst movie.

Cinema-goers appeared to be on firmer footing with their third choice which was Grease 2, the uninspiring sequel to the original classic which starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Yet the new poll of the worst films ever made, compiled from the views of 12,000 people on behalf of MSN movies, includes a number of critically acclaimed classics among the flops.

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The Fellowship of the Ring may have taken almost one billion dollars at the box office and garnered a handful of Oscar nominations, but that didn't stop it being voted the 18th worst movie of all time. While Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, which starred Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, was voted the 20th worst film, despite now being regarded as a masterpiece.

An analysis of the list reveals the presence of pop stars in a number of apparent crimes against cinema. Spice World, which was released in 1997 at the height of the band's popularity, was joined on the list by Cool as Ice (1991), which starred the rapper Vanilla Ice and came 14th, while Crossroads (2002), which starred Britney Spears, is 15th, two places in front of Mariah Carey in Glitter.

Yet the darkest hour in the careers of reputable stars are also present on the list. George Clooney is now an Oscar- winning actor. However, even he would not complain about the inclusion of Batman & Robin (1997), which was considered to be largely responsible for the demise of the Batman franchise.

Jennifer Lopez is responsible for two failed films in the top 20, Anaconda (1997), which was listed in sixth place and Gigli (2003) in eighth place.

Halle Berry, who followed her Oscar-winning role in Monster's Ball with Catwoman , voted No 9 on the list, at least had the decency to accept that it was a terrible film. When the movie won the Golden Raspberry for the worst film of the year, not only did she attend the awards ceremony but she insisted on dragging her manager up on stage with her.

Last night Mike Lok, entertainment editor at MSN, said: " I'm sure most viewers would admit to getting guilty pleasure from at least one of those on the list. Some films are just so bad, they're good."

However, Brian Pendreigh, the author of a number of film books, including a biography of Ewan McGregor said the list was bizarre. "There seems to be a number of stupid choices. Titanic is good old-fashioned Hollywood entertainment and Eyes Wide Shut will be recognised as a masterpiece. The Spice Girls movie was a bit of fun.

"I'm just surprised that nobody voted for the recent remake of The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby."