QI host Toksvig hails journalists’ battle against gender pay gap

Sandi Toksvig (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
Sandi Toksvig (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
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Sandi Toksvig has praised Carrie Gracie and the 200 female journalists who spoke out against unequal pay at the BBC.

Talking on the red carpet at the Women in Film and TV (WFTV) awards, she said: “Things have changed a lot in that things are being talked about that weren’t talked about before, but we’re still not at a level playing field. So one of the people who is presenting today is Carrie Gracie, and she is so brave, the former BBC China editor, and the 200 women journalists who stood up and said, ‘this is not fair’. We still don’t have equal pay, we still don’t have equal rights, so there is still work to do.”

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Ms Gracie resigned from her role in protest at inequalities at the BBC.

Great British Bake Off presenter Toksvig, 60, was being honoured with the WFTV presenter award during the awards ceremony in London.