PM denies threat to UK banks

Prime Minister David Cameron last night denied any British banks were under threat again ahead of urgent talks with his Spanish counterpart, Mariano Rajoy.

As banks in Spain were downgraded last week, concerns had been raised over the UK branch of Santander.But Mr Cameron said at a press conference in Chicago that all British banks “are well-regulated and capitalised”.

However, just a day after demanding eurozone countries come up with a contingency plan to prepare for a Greek exit, he was again critical of them. He said: “Not enough had been done to decisively resolve the eurozone crisis.”

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The Prime Minister said: “This is important to Britain, because 40 per cent of our exports are to the eurozone.”

And he added: “Staying silent is more dangerous than speaking out.”

Mr Cameron insisted that the UK government had made “constructive” comments.

But he added: “The truth is that the eurozone still hasn’t done enough to decisively resolve this crisis.”