Pets At Home recall cat food after animals started fitting

A national pet shop chain has been forced to recall several dry cat food products after three cats became seriously ill.

Pets at Home. Picture: Contributed.

Pets At Home said they were aware of three cats who suffered fits, twitching and collapsed after using the products.

The AVA dry cat food has insufficient levels of thiamine (vitamin B1) which could leave animals malnourished.

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A statement read: “We are aware of three cats which, sadly, became seriously unwell four to six weeks after switching to one of the affected products and required veterinary care. All three cats exhibited symptoms of sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness which are not the classic symptoms of thiamine deficiency.”

The four products being recalled are:

AVA Mature Cat Chicken 2kg

AVA Mature Cat Chicken 4kg

AVA Senior Cat Chicken 2kg

AVA Adult Cat Neutered Indoor 1.5kg

People who have bought the affected cat foods should dispose of it and return the bag for a refund, they added.